Monday, April 27, 2009

"KAB-KAB" (Dried Cassava)

Posted by Laureen at Monday, April 27, 2009
When I was a little girl, eating "Kab-Kab"  (dried cassava) was one of my favorite treats. I like it because it is crispy and the syrup on top is so tasty. Unfortunately I rarely find this in my place nowadays, maybe because though it is made mainly of cassava, it requires hard work to make one. The process I think is quite long. I was glad that I found a couple of it during our Camiguin trip.
Anyways, it was the first time also for Zboy to have tasted it. He likes it so much but after a few bites of his kab-kab (dried cassava) it accidentally slip and fell to the ground. Ahh! it really made him so sad seeing the chickens took advantage of it and I think the chickens like it too because they were feasting on it. My hubby was able to capture that moment. So here it is.... 
Look at my son's dissapointment... but I guess he also enjoyed watching those chickens eating his "Kab-Kab".


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