Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Posted by Laureen at Thursday, April 16, 2009
Our church has a pre-school. The name of the school is Little Evangel Christian School. We have about 38 pupils from nursery to kinder 2, and I am the principal of the school. Last March 28, 2009, the school held the Graduation and Recognition day. Since I don’t have a housemaid in the house, it is difficult to go out and to bring along 2 kids, and so I missed all the graduation practices. During our graduation day my role as a principal is to give each child their certificates on stage. When it was time give the awards for honor pupils, my co-teacher who is suppose to help me with the awarding went down to fix the LCD projector. I was the only one left on stage. When the Emcee called the name of the pupil who got the first honors, what I did was I immediately took the medal and placed it on the pupil’s neck which was supposed to be the parent’s role. The staff was shocked and the parent who was one step toward the stage was also astonished. When I was able to come to my senses, I look at Teacher Bogie and I could see the question on her face. I asked “parents ba?” (is it the parents?) but it was too late I already placed it on the pupil’s neck. Teacher Bogie told me to remove the medal and call the parents instead. Then the parent comes in happily. Gosh! What was I thinking at that time? As I recalled what happened, I realized that it wasn’t because I was absent during the entire graduation practices but actually I wasn’t feeling well that day. I was on a travel from Camiguin two weeks before the activity and after the travel I didn’t have time to rest because I still have to attend to my household chores, my laundry and babysitting. Anyways, whatever is my excuse what is done is done, for now I’ll just take it as an humbling experience.


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