Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Cleaning Day

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Last Saturday was our house cleaning day. I am so thankful of my little boy who helped me wax the floor. It was a great time because I had the opportunity to change bed linens, window curtains and clean all the dusty part of the house.

As I was cleaning the windows, my boy told me to change the curtains because it wasn't change for a long time. We can't leave our windows without curtains because our house can be very obvious from afar. It would have been nice if we have conservatory blinds so we wont change it every week. We just have to dust it off once in awhile. Anyway, I'm a bit content with the curtains. What I only need is time to change it more often.


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We don't have classes today because my co-teacher who holds two classes in the morning attended a seminar. Since it will be exam day tomorrow, I decided not to hold classes in the afternoon so I can finish all the exam papers. Even though there's no classes, it still a working day because there were lots of paper works to do. Good thing I finished early so I consider it a day off.

Well, well, well, it isn't actually a day off because I might probably wash the laundry after cleaning the house. (sigh)

Winning a Domain

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A few months ago, my cousin won in a domain giveaway contest, she won it from a blogger who has one of the best web hosting services here in the Philippines. I won't be surprised if she won in the contest because she has lots of time to join online contest. She's so happy about it and now she's currently using that domain name.

Actually, I really don't have much knowledge about choosing the right web host provider. I dont have any idea what web hosting is all about and how it is done. All I know is that, it has something to do with making your website available to the world wide web, but I really don't know the whole process of doing it. I admire those people who are really good at this. I guess they really have that great determination and patience in learning this craft. Anyway, if you want to learn about webhosting and you are considering a webhost provider for your blog or for your website, you can read some information through different web hosting reviews online. You can read reviews that are very interesting and it provides you great information on the advantages and the disadvantages of different types of web host providers.

My PR is Back!

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I'm happy to find out that my PR is now finally back. Actually I don't have enough time to update this blog but still I am thankful that it has its PR. Anyway, I might update this blog once in a while. Our school will now have its internet connection probably next month, so hopefully I will be spend time blogging more often.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Business Card

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My sister just sent me the silver jewelries for our business. Every time she sent stocks, I get so excited at the same I'm anxious because of the fear that it won't arrive. Thank it all in my hands now. I am so happy that I got a lot of new and affordable jewelries. In just two days, I got a number of costumers already because they find the jewelry so unique. Some of my costumer are parents from our school. When their friends find about my jewelry they also wanted to buy one but they don't know where to find me because they don't know my address. How I wish I can give them a business card so they can contact me anytime. Sad to say, I don't have one. I guess I'm gonna ask my cousin to make one for me. I think blue business cards fit perfectly for my silver jewelry business. I'm sure it will help me gain a lot of customers.

Family Day

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Last August 21, 2010 was our school's Family Day Celebration. My son Zboy who is now in K2 had their dance presentation. I also had fun dancing with the Nursery parents. It was indeed a great celebration, a time for every families to bond with each other. Below are the photos of the said celebration.
(Zboy at the back wearing baby pink shirt)
( dancing with the parents)

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