Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Posted by Laureen at Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Zboy with a curly hair

Z boy is my eldest son, his real name is Zif Azriel. Zif means splendor (heb.) Azriel means God is my aide.(heb.)

When Z boy was born he already has plenty of wavy hair that's why he does not look like a new born baby. As he grew older his wavy hair now becomes curly hair.

Most people mistakenly identify him as a girl. Others would tend to play safe and often ask if he is a boy or a girl. We thought maybe its because of his long curly hair that's why recently we decided to cut his hair shorter. Though we cut his hair shorter, we heard that there was a friend of ours who really thought that he was a girl. He was telling the other friend of ours the one who related the story that "I noticed that Laureen's daughter is boyish, what a waste for she looks "mistiza" and" beautiful". The other friend was laughing so hard and explained to him that he is not a girl but his really a boy that is why his name is Z boy. lol!

Because of that incident, now I am not really sure that it is because of his hair, maybe because of his long, curly eye lashes and small shape face. What do you think?

As I can observe in his ways and likes, I have no doubt about his masculinity. He even have a new crush. I will tell you about his latest crush in my next post.

I am happy and grateful for who he is. He is a constant reminder of God's splendor (Zif) and greatness in my life and God never fails to provide everything he needs (Azriel).


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