Friday, May 28, 2010

Kidzmet: A New Site for Busy Moms

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As moms, we all wanted to give the best for our children. Providing them with great education and fun experiences in school is one of the most important aspects in the development of our children. That is why I always find time to give fun activities which are often not provided in their schools. As a teacher, I also make it a point to provide enjoyable activities for my students so they will great experiences while they are in school.

How about if you’re a busy mom? Would you allow this situation just come to pass? Actually, you can do a lot of things for your kids even if you’re busy. You can try to visit Kidzmet, a new site for moms that offer great and exciting opportunities for our kids to learn and have fun. In this site, you can enroll your kids to different classes that interest them.

Visit today and feel free to enter your zip code to find a more detailed class for your child. Just add your child’s age, description of class, price range or availability. If you’re a parent from Santa Barbara you can use the zip code 93101. Give it a try today and build fun memories for your children.

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Zane Girl Turns Two!

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Last April 18 was my little girl's 2nd Birthday. We had a simple birthday party for her with Barney as her special guest. The kids who joined the party had a blast swimming on the kiddie pools. I'm so happy that Zane truly had fun on her special day. I am thankful to God for his great provision for our girl's birthday celebration. Below are some of the photos of her special day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Downloading PDF Files

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My cousin loves to download manuals and guides online. She has downloaded a lot of files already which she finds it useful in her teaching job as well as in her other hobbies. She even had a lot of teaching materials and resources. When she downloads files online, she often searches for PDF files because it’s easy to open and use. Through the help of a pdf search engine she easily finds the files or articles that she’s been looking for. Added to that, she finds the downloading very convenient because she will no longer have to wait for hours as all the files are indexed in a PDF format.

I hope I will have the time to learn this kind of stuff. I am interested on this because I can use this to look for teaching materials for my students, but taking care of the kids and doing household chores consumes most of my time. Anyway, maybe I can find some time while they sleep tonight and I might be using hubby’s laptop as well.

How Old Are You?

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Last Monday, was my _th birthday. I didn't had any grand celebration but I'm happy and thankful for family and friends who gave me simple treats and greeted me on my special day. I was overwhelmed with text messages and personal greetings during my birthday. But after every greeting, all of my friends would usually follow the greeting with a question "how old are you now?" I find it hard to answer this question so I just gave them a smile and answered them "It's a SECRET!" (lol)

So whenever someone ask you about your age... just tell them it's a SECRET!

Securing Important Documents

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When our house was flooded last year, I was helpless seeing some of my important documents all wet and soiled. I was able to save some of it but all them were not anymore in good shape. Some of my important notes were all covered with mud and there’s nothing I can do to restore it again.

Flood and other natural calamities are beyond our control and it is very important that we have to be ready when circumstances like these happens. One good way of preparing for events like this is to store documents online. You can store documents online in a lot of ways and one secure way is storing it at iSigned - secure online storage for legal and other important documents. This company is designed to safely store, organize and share important documents as easy as 1-2-3. They provide special features for document storage and one thing I like in them is that they provide warnings if your document is about to expire. This is great because I am so forgetful about renewing documents.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zane's Baby Cousins

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Zane is fun of playing babies and little kids. Even though she still young and a little kiddo, she appreciates her little cousins and loves to play with them.

One of her constant playmate is ZK her male cousin who is a year younger than her. I love to see them play together because my girl acts like a big sister.

When we have gatherings at home, her cousin Tyke which is a year older than her visits us. Even though they seldom meet each other I'm glad they still go along well.

Friday, May 21, 2010

FPF: One Year Old Zboy

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This is my son Zboy. This photo is taken 5 years ago when he was still one year old. He looks like a girl then because his hair is so curly. Looking at this photo makes me want to enjoy him again as a baby.

Friday Photo Flashback

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teaching English

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Three years ago, I had the opportunity of teaching English in Thailand. It was a volunteer work and it was a great experience for me becuase it was my first time teaching foreign students. At first I was hesistant to accept the task because I am not very confident about my English, but my brother in law and my sister encouraged me that it will not be difficult as I will just have to follow the materials and manuals that will be provided. So I accepted the task.

At first I find it a bit difficult to start the conversation with my students, but as the days passed it was just as easy as 1-2-3. I was also thankful because God gave me brilliant students. They learn very fast and after a few weeks they started to communicate in simple English.

Even though I already have the experience of teaching English in a foreign land, I still want to study English course like the English course UK so I can improve my teaching styles as well as improve on many things like my accent, pronounciation and etc. If I finish this course, I’m sure I will be confident then to teach.

Word-Filled Wednesday: Amos 5:14

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The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word (no famous quotes or other literature — only the beautiful word of our Father) through photo’s & a Bible verse!

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the LORD God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is. - Amos 5:14

Visit the home of WFW and see more of God's Word and photos. Have a blessed word-filled wednesday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Painful Experience...

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Five years ago my son had a terrible accident. While I was out for a meeting I received a call from my cousin who lived nearby our house that she brought my son to the hospital because his face and chest got burned from boiling water. I was so nervous and I rushed myself to the hospital. When I saw my son’s face, I really felt as if my heart was crushed. I was crying looking at my son suffering from that painful experience.

I was worried about the experience that it might leave scars on my son's face and chest. I asked a few of my friends and relatives about it and they told me that it won’t because he is still so young and his skin would stretch a bit when he grows up. I was relieved by their advices but after he has been discharged from the hospital I saw some evident scars on his chest. I was a bit worried about it so I applied some scar treatment creams to lighten up the scars a bit. Good thing, as he grows older I find the scars not so evident anymore. There are still a few traces of scars on his body but those scars always remind me of God love for me and my son. God is truly the God of miracles and I am thankful that he has delivered me and my son from that painful experience.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Volks Wagon

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This car is owned by our close family friend. Its already an old car but it is still in good condition because it is well taken cared of. I used to ride in this car during my grade school days. What was was more amazing was, two families with a total of 8 kids could fit in this car. It was fun riding in this car. Until today my family friend's grandchildren are enjoying their ride on this car. Cute isn't it?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Future Tambourine Dancer

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At the age of two, I'm proud seeing my little girl following simple tambourine dance steps. Last Sunday, while I was tasked to preach in our church, my cousin Bogie took some photos of my girl. She really loves to dance with the tambourine. I hope she will grow fast so she can join the other girls in the church dancing.

Below is a video of my girl dancing with a tambourine.

The Benefits of Night Creams

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When I was still young, I am very particular especially when it comes to taking care of my face. But now that I am a busy mom, I am not that diligent enough to take care of my face. I admire my mom because even if she's tired or busy, she never forgets to put on night creams before going to sleep. She's now 70 years old, but she still looks very young for her age.

While browsing for some "Night Treatments" at Shopwiki, I was interested with the many benefits of applying night creams. Below are the benefits of using night creams:
  • It hydrates and supplies moisture to your skin.
  • makes the skin soft and smooth
  • prevents skin sagging
  • improve blood circulation
  • activates cell renewal
  • helps reduce fine lines
  • restores skin elasticity
  • reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • boost elastin and collagen production
Now I know why my mom is still young looking despite her age. Now that I have learned all of these, I promise to take care of my skin before going to sleep. I will have to tell hubby to buy me an Olay Reginerest at Shopwiki so I can stay young looking just like my mom.

(Full Disclosure: I am an independent Shopwiki contributor, paid by Shopwiki to create and link to content”.)

Enjoying the Kiddie Pool

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One of the highlights of my little girl's birthday party was swimming at the Kiddie Pools. Since, its summer I wanted the kids who will be joining the party to stay cool during the hot weather as well as to have fun. My eldest son Zboy truly enjoyed swimming in the pool. I was amused seeing him swimming using a snorkel set and safety goggles. He really looks like he's snorkeling but only on a knee deep kiddie pool.
Before the party, I was really having a hard time looking for kiddie pools in the market. I find some good kiddie pools but it doesn't suits my budget. I wanted an affordable kiddie pools but those I find were not of good quality. Thank God my church friend lend me her kiddie pools and the kids truly had a blast on the pools.

By the way, if you're looking for affordable and durable Kiddie Pools, you can find one at Shopwiki. You can also shop for stuff that goes along with the pools like water toys, floats and etc. Your kids will surely enjoy their summer.

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My Daughter's Cake

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My daughter just turn two last April 17, 2010. We had a simple party at home together with our family and some friends. We had a Barney themed party and as they say, no celebration is is complete without a cake so I baked one for my girl. This is a chocolate moist cake and with the help of my cousins we were able to decorate the cake beautifully. Thank God I was able to find ready made cake decorations like the Barney figurine, the tree and the flowers. All we did was just to put them on the cake as easy as 1-2-3.

If you're planning to decorate a cake for your kids, you can easily find cake decorations at Shopwiki . This online shop provides cute and colorful cake decorations which I couldn't find it here in my country. Not only that, they also have unique decorating tools and decorating sets which will be useful for you to make Cake Decorating a success.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am for Bro. Eddie Villanueva!

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This coming May 10, 2010, I will cast my vote for Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva!

Some people say, he don't get a greater chance of winning, but I know my VOTE will not be counted loss for this man. Despite how busy I am , I campaign for Bro. Eddie because I know that there is a CAUSE. In fact, this afternoon, we will be out to have our last campaign for him. Last week, we also gave flyers to a lot of people around Barangay Nazareth and I'm happy to know that a lot of people responded with our efforts.

I have known Bro. Eddie as a righteous man, who fears God above all. He may not be perfect, but his life can truly attest that he sincerely love God.

We have tried a lot of different presidents for this country.We have tried the elect, the brilliant, the famous but we haven't tried a GODLY man with strong moral convictions and high ethical principles.

If you want change for the Philippines, why not change your style of whom to vote! This time vote for Bro. Eddie!

Thankful for Mizpah Mart

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Our family used to own a mini-grocery store which we named it Mizpah Mart. I worked their as the store manager. I had good memories about that store, especially memories with my Tatay (Dad). He was the one who put it all together, from planning to installing all the store fixtures in place. While Tatay is busy with the physical enhancement of the store, my mother was also busy with the financial thing. Until we finally opened it and I was the one who took in charge of the entire operation.

On the later part, the store wasn’t doing quiet good when it comes to financial gain. That is why the family decided to close it. Even though it was closed, I am still thankful to God for that store. It was through that store that I spend more time with my family. It was through that store that I gain a lot of friends and brought them close to God. I am thankful for Mizpah Mart because my relatives and friends were given the opportunity to work there. Not only I had good memories about our mini grocery but I am thankful because I was given the opportunity to be a blessing to others.

Enjoying the Playhouse

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My little girl enjoyed her time playing inside the playhouse with her cousin Ate Rhinna. It was a great opportunity for her to bond with her cousin because they just seldom see each other. Her Ate Rhinna is living in Vietnam and just came here for a vacation. Whenever she's here in Cagayan de Oro, we always make sure that they always have fun times with her cousins together. My little girl is hoping to have more play times with Ate Rhinna next year.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Webhost for Moms

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They say that most moms are wise spenders. I totally agree to this. With the current economy we had right now, it is very important that I get the most out of my money. When it comes to choosing the right webhost provider, I also see to it that I am spending my money wisely. There are a lot of webhost providers that offer great deals on budget hosting and web hosting services but sometimes the choices are too tricky especially that I am not that knowledgeable enough when it comes to web hosting. Sometimes, I have difficulty understanding online terms that relate to web hosting. The only thing that could help me is to read reviews online and refer the matter to my family and friends. Thank God they are so supportive enough when it comes to my questions regarding webhosting.

As a mom, one thing I am looking for a webhost provider is that it offers affordable services. A webhost provider that can offer great service that suits every mom’s budget. Added to that, I am looking for a webhost provider that is reliable and is able to provide me with the best value for my money.

Join AMAZING GRACE's First Blog Anniversary!

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Grace of AMAZING GRACE is celebrating her 1st Blog Anniversary. As her way of saying "Thank You" to all her blogger friends, she has prepared amazing give-aways for everyone of us. If you're interested to be one of the recipient of the said give-away, just follow the simple rules below:


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New Glasses

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Last month, I had my eyes checked and I need a new pair of glasses. Actually, I had a nice old pair of glasses but to my dismay I couldn't find it anymore. I think somebody must have liked it and stole it away or I just misplaced it and I can't remember where it was. It was my favorite glasses because it looks so classic and that it coordinates well with my formal to casual get up. Since I couldn't find it anymore, I have to choose for a new pair of glasses that looks good as well as affordable. While choosing for the perfect glasses, I decided to choose something that has a stylish frame. Glasses with stylish frames are on the trends right now so I was attracted to it. It looks very nice and I find it perfect for me. I was at first hesitant to choose for that kind of glasses because I thought it is too expensive, but I was surprised to find out that the glasses are just perfect for my budget. Good thing, the owner of the shop also gave us a discount and the purchase was truly a good deal. I hope I can use this for a longer period of time and I hope it won't get misplaced so I won't have to replace it over and over again.

Yummy Sunday: Summer Cup Cakes

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These are the cup cakes I prepared during my son's 6th birthday celebration. All of these are home made cupcakes which I added colorful cup cake umbrellas. Cute isn't it? These are also perfect for summer kids activities and events.

My entry for:


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