Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something Old

Posted by Laureen at Sunday, April 05, 2009

My youngest daughter, Zane is celebrating her 1st birthday this month. Her actual birthday is on the 17th of this but we are going to celebrate it earlier( April 11) because her mommy Luv (my sister) and family are going back to Malaysia on the 13th of this month. My daughter will also be dedicated to God on this occasion.

The dress that she is going to wear for this special day was given by my cousin Nang Didit. What's amazing about the dress is that it was also handed to her by her sister's daughters. They wore this dress during their baptismal several years back. And do you know that the eldest daughter who wore this dress is now 23 years old? So it's quite antique already, but the dress still looks very nice. I just added and sewn the flowers in the center and wow, you won't believe its antique already. I wonder how Ate Lou (sis of Nang Didit) preserved it. The dress still looks new and very nice.

I am sure my precious Zane will look very lovely in that dress.
God truly provides in a new and exciting way!


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