Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Song

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Bogie of Bogie's Wonderland gave me this Wedding Song meme.This is quite simple as you will just have to choose your favorite wedding songs.So here are 5 of my favorite wedding songs . These songs were sung by my family and friends during my wedding.

1."Love That Will Not Let You Go"-sung by my hubby while I was walking down the aisle.
2."Father We Commit to You"-As an invocation which was sung by my sister in law Jeaneth of Beautiful feet.
3."Your Love"-sung by my sister Lalaine of Lalaines world.
4."The Gift"and
5"Love of my Life"-sung by Nante.He is Nenette's hubby of Nenette's Niche.

Now,I'm tagging my wedding singers who happen to be in the blogsphere. I've known them and their Husbands to be sweet couples.

Word - filled Wednesday #3

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"Whatever you do,work at it with all your heart,as working for the Lord,not for men."
Colossians 3:23

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Birthday

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I never thought that there was so much in store for my birthday. Indeed it was so special and I felt special too....

The very 1st minute on my birthday my hubby surprised me with this basket of flowers.

In the morning, my son woke me up with kisses on my face and said "Mom May Happy Birthday! We have a gift for you."I thought it was a joke or just a little something for me like a card or one of his drawings because my hubby already gave me the flowers but to my surprise it was the one I was longing and praying to have, it was a ….

Yes! a digital camera. I was all the more thankful and happy. Indeed very happy!

Since it's Sunday, we went to church and at church another surprise was given to me because at the end of the service they post my picture on the LCD projector and sung a happy birthday song to me. Everyone greeted and I was overwhelmed with their greetings. Others were so thoughtful to gave gifts.

At lunch time we plan to go to one of the restaurants to celebrate my birthday.
It was GRAND!LOL! but actually we were supposed to eat in a simple restaurant with a limited budget but God has a better plan we were invited to another party and they only have limited guests so as if it was also my birthday celebration.

Not only that when I went home I was stormed with greetings and special posts from my family and friends in the blogosphere...

What a surprise! I thank God for making my birthday truly special.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

World - filled Wednesday #2

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Z boy's Accident

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Mathew 26:-38
"Then Jesus brought them to an olive grove called Gethsemane.
He said sit here while I go on ahead to pray" he took Peter and Zebedee's
sons James and John and he began to be filled with anguish and deep
distress. He
told them "my son is crushed with grief to the point of death.
stay here and
watch with me."

I remember my son's accident when he was still one and a half years old. I was out to a meeting at that day when I left him with his nanny. I then received a shocking call from my cousin who lived nearby our house that she brought my son to a hospital because my son's face up to the chest got burned. They wasy she described it to me that the skin peeled off, I immediately got hysterical. Praise God that our pastor was there at that time and tried to calm me down and prayed for my son. When I got to the hospital I saw my son who was greatly in pain and was crying so hard. I really felt so helpless.

I thanked the Lord that he has given my son high pain threshold at that time. While he was confined in the hospital and recovering, he still managed to smile and play around even with all the bandages wrapped around his body. But when it was time for the doctor to dress his wound, it was horrible sight, even recollecting those scenes make me cry. It was vividly clear to me how the doctor would scraped the skin out and how Z boy scream from the agonizing pain and then reached out his hand to me and cried "Mom May!" 'Mom May!!" Gosh! The pain I felt in my heart at that time was truly unbearable that I also cried with him. When the doctor saw that I was also crying then that was the only time she stopped.

At that moment that I experienced that scene, God gave me a clear picture of what He felt in Gethesemane. He knew and recognized the pain, the shame the sufferings ahead in His coming crucifixion. But God bore all the pain just to make salvation available to all. Since He was 100% God and 100% man at that time. Like a father who loves his son dearly he can relate to the pain and suffering we experience in our lives. Our heavenly Father understands and cares for us.

Thank God that my son is now miraculously healed. There are traces of that burning incident on his face since the scars are gone. There's only a bit of discoloration of his skin color on his chest but our pediatrician assured us that there's nothing to worry about. He just advised is to expose it more to the sun and eventually his skin tone will be even. Glory to God!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Healed Me from Thyroid Cancer

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A year after my father died from laryngeal cancer, I also learned that I have thyroid cancer. My heart was still grieving as I struggled to come to grip with the loss of my father and then, almost immediately, I discovered about my cancer. That time was indeed the lowest point of my life, it felt like my world has been turned upside down.

I discovered my thyroid cancer because I noticed that I had sore throat for quite a long time. From then on, I was constantly palpating my neck area and then I noticed that there was a small nodule that was hard and immovable. I felt anxious about this that I immediately went for a check up to one of my father's doctor. At first the Doctor assured me that my father's case was different because it was primarily caused by smoking, alcohol intake and etc... But then when she checked my neck and was able to palpate the nodule she then assent that it was indeed hard and not movable so she immediately advised me to go for biopsy.

I then went for biopsy. When I received my biopsy result and saw CA printed on it, grief weighed heavily in my heart. I burst into tears. I talked to the Lord saying, "Lord, I am not afraid to die. I am ready for I am assured that I am going to heaven but please Lord I don't want to die like this. My family suffered so much already." My pathologist tried to console me and said that papillary CA is not the life threatening kind of CA. She also proclaimed that it was a blessing in disguise that I had sore throat since I was able to palpate the nodule considering the site was almost negligible. Remarkably, she was glad that she was able to target the right mass in conducting the biopsy otherwise if kept hidden for a long time then I will be unaware that something was wrong and I might just be awaken to discover that the disease has possibly spread beyond cure. We all know cancer is an insidious disease.

It was really the lowest time in my life. I went to another Christian Doctor and he assured me that the kind of cancer I have (papillary cancer) is not fatal, considering my age, the size of the nodule which was less than 1 cm. His advised was to do total thyroidectomy (removal of the entire thyroid gland) and there was no need for me to do RAI treatment (radio active iodine). I will just have to take a life time medication of thyroid hormone.

From there on, fear still bugged my mind. In my thoughts were the following questions:

What if after the surgery it turns out that the CA cells metastasis already. All the more my agony was prolonged because of the postponement of my scheduled surgery due to the death of my Doctor's father.

What if my case is similar to my father's in which the doctor assured that the kind of CA he had does not easily spread but then it was proved otherwise because he died in just just a span of 2 years.

What if I will not be able to eat normally like my father who was fed through tubing's ....

I had so many questions in my minds and so many "what if's".

I also felt bad on how some people tried to comfort me with their saddest expression and gave a remark like "oh, you have cancer!" as if they were suggesting or reminding me to be sad.

At that time no one could comfort me, not my doctor, not my husband and neither my family but amazingly it was on that lowest time of my life in which I had the greatest time with the Lord. Every time I felt fear, I cried out to HIM and I've always felt comforted with an overwhelming joy surpassing all the fear I felt. Only then, I was able to laugh and smile, eat and sleep well. It was the most intimate moment I had with the Lord.

But then, after the surgery, there were moments that I began to lose my faith and started to be anxious again. My worries came to its peak when a year after the surgery, I woke up one day with swollen lymph nodes in my left and right temporal area . From what I learned, studies shows that the spread to lymph nodes of the neck is present in more than 50% of the cancer cases . I burst into tears once more and cried out to the Lord, "Lord is this for real? what is your will upon my life? Help! please speak to me " And then, when I opened my bible the Lord gave me His word in Psalm 30:2-3 "O Lord my God, I cried out to you for help, and restored my health." "You brought me up from the grave, O Lord. You kept me from falling into the pit of death."

It was only after I read that passage that I felt inner peace and believed it was the Lord who had spoken to me. through His word.

I went to the doctor the next day and when he palpated the swollen lymph nodes he also got alarmed and even asked me to go to his associate for a second opinion whether to have my biopsy again or have an RAI treatment immediately. I went to his associate but when I came back to my doctor to finalized my decision I just insisted for him to give me an antibiotic medication first. But deep inside my heart I was taking hold of God's word to me.

And Praise God because after a week, when I went back for check up, the inflammation was gone! I also apologized to my Doctor for being insistent during my last visit and told him that it was because I had a word from the Lord. I think my doctor was touched on how God spoke to me because I could see he was teary eyed when he jot down the verse that I claimed as God's promise. However, he still advised me to go for RAI scan to confirm that it did not spread to other parts of my body.

I took head of my doctor's advise, went for the RAI scan and was overjoyed to confirm that the result was NEGATIVE. Indeed, God is my healer!

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Word-filled Wendsday #1

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It's my first time to join Word-filled Wednesday and I thank God for the opportunity of allowing me to share his word through my blog. You can also join in this weekly meme too, just visit 

"I know,o Lord that a man's life is not his own;it is not for man to direct his steps."
Jeremiah 10:23

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CERTIFIED "KUYA" (big brother)

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Zboy and Zane

When I became pregnant with daughter Zane my hubby and I were so concerned about my son's (Zboy) reaction. We do not want him to feel insecure neither sibling rivalry to arise in the family. We really sat down to talk about it and we agreed to do the following:

1. We asked Z boy to lay his hand in my tummy to pray for Zane from time to time.

2. We excite him and made him look forward for being a "kuya" big brother.

3. We allow him to feel my tummy every time Zane was moving inside of me.

4. During the delivery of Zane, Z boy was with us in the hospital the whole time and we briefed
every one who visited us to congratulate him for being a "kuya" big brother.

5. We made sure that we gave more time to talk and play with him.

6. We gave him surprises and gifts most of the time.

7. We asked him to help take care of Zane as simple as to get Zane's diaper, milk and etc.

8. When we felt like praising Zane for being so adorable we always include him, we say, "oh!
Zane girl is so cute, beautiful, smart his "kuya" Z boy.

God has been faithful with all the things that we are doing to our children. I noticed that they are really closed. It shows that Z boy loves her sister dearly. There was never a moment that he displayed jealousy toward her sister. In fact, Z boy is a great help to me in taking care of her sister. In his early age I can now depend on him to watch her sister when I am going to take a shower or use the toilet for a while..

Last night was superb cause while I was taking a shower, I can hear him singing my one and only piece in putting them to sleep. Guess what song?it's no other than the song
"Amazing Grace". This song is so powerful not only because of the lyrics. How powerful? Every time I sing this song to them they surely go to sleep. Even if I am singing the song for Zane girl to sleep and if Z boy is around he will complain, "please Mom May do not sing that song because I am going to sleep too."

Going back to the topic, while he was singing I peep from the door and saw him gently patting Zane while following the beat of his song. By the time I finished my shower, wow! Zane girl dozed off already. I then proclaimed to him that he is now a certified "kuya" big brother. He then gave me a sweet smile. He was indeed proud to be a certified "kuya" big brother.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Best Surprise From My Nieces

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Since my birthday is fast approaching I remembered the best surpr ise I got from my 2 beautiful nieces, Bogie and Che whom I considered my bes

t fri en ds.
Three years ago they asked me for a date during my birthday. I thought that they will just treat me for a snack but to my surprise they brought me to a very expensive beauty salon instead. They wanted me to pamper myself on that special day. Becuase I look good with my hair, we decided to have a photo for the three of us. ( I will post the photo next time :) I really had a great time with them and I will never forget that thoughtful deed....

Two weeks from now, it's going to be my birthday. I hope I can have another surprise from them... LOL!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Blogger Award

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Gosh! I got a best blogger award from Genefaith, This is my first ever award and thank you so much Gen for this. I can't even believe myself that I got into this blogging thing and I don't know if I will survive. Lol!

You see , among the siblings I am the laziest one in studying, reading and most of all writing. I am an extrovert type of person. During my schooling I was always out with friends. The only time I learned how to study was during my college days because I took up Nursing. I was forced to read and study piles of nursing books if not I will fail. My first and second year in college was definitely a struggle and I usually panic and got frantic every time I had exams since I was not used to studying. Anyway, I survived in college and passed the Board Exam because of God's help that is why I believe I will survive also in this new world of blogging.... I thank God also for those people who have helped me in one way or another. And for that, I want to pass this BEST BLOGGER AWARD to them.

1. Lalaine - She is my sister who is my inspiration. I am encouraged to pursue every time my sister Beam who works in the bank reports to me how much she earned from her blog earnings.

2. Bogie - She is truly a blessing in my life. She is always there at my side to help not only in blogging but in every aspect of my life.

3. Nanay (Laurencita) - Thanks for being the best mom in the whole world. She is also my secretary. Since I am a busy mom sometimes she is the one who encodes my posts.

4. Grace - She is my cousin and also a newbie in blogging but every time I visit her blog I got challenged to also pursue my new found hobby- blogging.

5. Aiza - I also run to her if I have blogging inquires. I thank her for the encouragement.

6. Tabitha and Abigail- My beautiful friends from Malaysia. It is nice to connect with them through blogs.

7. Phebie - I am thankful for her because she never fails to visit me in my blog site . It is such an encouragement.

1.Take your award here.
2.Put the logo on your post.
3.Link the person who award you.
4.nominate at least 7 other blogs.
5.Add links to those blogs of yours.
6.Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Son's First Adventure

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Every time my hubby had guests in their office they usually invite their visitors to experience this famous adventure here in Cagayan de Oro, the river rafting adventure. With the many visitors that are coming every year, I guess my hubby has experienced this adventure for more than five times already. My hubby enjoyed every rafting experiences he had and somehow wished to bring us along on their next rafting adventure.

Last April 6, 2009, our church friends scheduled a water rafting adventure. Since my hubby has experienced it already, he was the one who arranged the booking. There were 15 of them who went for the rafting adventure and the 15th person was my son. He was the only child in the group and it was his first adventure together with his Dad.

When they arrived home I was so excited to ask him if he had a great time and on the other hand if it was worth the expense. He!he!

Here's my son's remark on my question:

"I like the rapids, it was so breathtaking",
"I saw a snake, eguana and a hawk"
"I was able to take a dip in the river."
"I wasn't scared, Mom may."
" Mom may, I want to go back forever and ever." (that was his way of saying that he enjoyed so much!)

It was really worth it. The greatest joy of the parents is to see their children happy. I am sure Z boy will never forget his first adventure with his Dad forever and ever......


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