Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Posted by Laureen at Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My 4 years old son "Z Boy" is really head over heels in love with his dad. From birth up to now I was the only one taking care of him since his dad has to work. There was one time when he was I think 9 months old we asked somebody to babysit for just that day. When we came back, and he saw us he was crying and he raised his hands as a gesture that he wanted to be carried. I immediately approached him thinking that "oh! he really missed me since he was used to my presence but then I noticed that his attention is not to me but to his dad. That means he wanted me to carry him but to bring him to his dad. At that moment I concluded that he is really daddy's boy since he clings to his dad.

Now he confesses to us that he wants to be like his dad. Whatever daddy's favorite will be his favorites. He even wanted to look exactly like his dad. I told him that he look like his dad except for the hair; shape of the face and thank God his nose since he got it from me. Few days ago he prayed like this "Lord, please make my nose like daddy and every part of me like daddy." I just don't know if when he grows up he will still pray to have a "whistle like" nose of his dad. Ha.ha.

They also have a game that I find it gross but for them is fun. What they do is they smell each others fart and giggles. Not just simply smell huh! but really placed their faces in front of their butts. Yakky, right? But as Z boy have said "daddy! I don't find your fart smell unpleasant because I love you so much." When his daddy heard it, wow! you can not imagine the look in his face. He was on cloud 9.

When Z boy wakes up in the morning and his daddy is gone for work he constantly ask me, "mom may, where's daddy?" I just replied "gone for work". His answer will be "okay!" but if daddy's gone for business trips, after 3 days he will really cry hard and miss her daddy so much. His daddy will immediately call him on his cellphone, after a long talk he will then be okay. This is how I can truly say that he is a "daddy's boy."

Know what? as I was composing this post it made me wish that all christian will have this kind of relationship with our Heavenly Father,like Z boy we should utter this words:

Z boy -"whatever daddy's favorite is my favorite."
Our prayer should be "Lord turn all my desire to be your desire."
Z boy - " Lord make my nose like daddy and every part of me like daddy."
Our prayer should be "Father help me to be like you a loving, righteous and
compassionate God."
Z boy - " I miss daddy so much - I want to be with daddy"
Our response should be : we should long to be in his loving arms always through our
quite time, reading His words and fellowship.
Z boy - "Daddy, I don't find your fart smells unpleasant cause I love you so much."
Our response" we should please God through our service simply through our day to day
walk with Him.

In return, though we are sinners God loves us unconditionally.


chinita_sai on April 24, 2009 at 1:19 PM said...

hi te! inspiring au imo post :)

Princess Sarah on April 24, 2009 at 1:46 PM said...

hello Mayet, so cute ang imong anak. Kamusta na? Glad I've found your blog. Welcome to the club of bloggers. I can't connect to Nanay's blog.

Princess Sarah on April 24, 2009 at 1:50 PM said...

My AMAZING GRACE na blog is not working na. Hope you will change it soon. Can you give me Nanay's blog? I will link to her too.
Thanks, this is Ate Sarah from Hatyai, Thailand

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