Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thankful for Mizpah Mart

Posted by Laureen at Saturday, May 08, 2010
Our family used to own a mini-grocery store which we named it Mizpah Mart. I worked their as the store manager. I had good memories about that store, especially memories with my Tatay (Dad). He was the one who put it all together, from planning to installing all the store fixtures in place. While Tatay is busy with the physical enhancement of the store, my mother was also busy with the financial thing. Until we finally opened it and I was the one who took in charge of the entire operation.

On the later part, the store wasn’t doing quiet good when it comes to financial gain. That is why the family decided to close it. Even though it was closed, I am still thankful to God for that store. It was through that store that I spend more time with my family. It was through that store that I gain a lot of friends and brought them close to God. I am thankful for Mizpah Mart because my relatives and friends were given the opportunity to work there. Not only I had good memories about our mini grocery but I am thankful because I was given the opportunity to be a blessing to others.


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