Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Painful Experience...

Posted by Laureen at Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Five years ago my son had a terrible accident. While I was out for a meeting I received a call from my cousin who lived nearby our house that she brought my son to the hospital because his face and chest got burned from boiling water. I was so nervous and I rushed myself to the hospital. When I saw my son’s face, I really felt as if my heart was crushed. I was crying looking at my son suffering from that painful experience.

I was worried about the experience that it might leave scars on my son's face and chest. I asked a few of my friends and relatives about it and they told me that it won’t because he is still so young and his skin would stretch a bit when he grows up. I was relieved by their advices but after he has been discharged from the hospital I saw some evident scars on his chest. I was a bit worried about it so I applied some scar treatment creams to lighten up the scars a bit. Good thing, as he grows older I find the scars not so evident anymore. There are still a few traces of scars on his body but those scars always remind me of God love for me and my son. God is truly the God of miracles and I am thankful that he has delivered me and my son from that painful experience.


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