Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CERTIFIED "KUYA" (big brother)

Posted by Laureen at Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Zboy and Zane

When I became pregnant with daughter Zane my hubby and I were so concerned about my son's (Zboy) reaction. We do not want him to feel insecure neither sibling rivalry to arise in the family. We really sat down to talk about it and we agreed to do the following:

1. We asked Z boy to lay his hand in my tummy to pray for Zane from time to time.

2. We excite him and made him look forward for being a "kuya" big brother.

3. We allow him to feel my tummy every time Zane was moving inside of me.

4. During the delivery of Zane, Z boy was with us in the hospital the whole time and we briefed
every one who visited us to congratulate him for being a "kuya" big brother.

5. We made sure that we gave more time to talk and play with him.

6. We gave him surprises and gifts most of the time.

7. We asked him to help take care of Zane as simple as to get Zane's diaper, milk and etc.

8. When we felt like praising Zane for being so adorable we always include him, we say, "oh!
Zane girl is so cute, beautiful, smart etc....like his "kuya" Z boy.

God has been faithful with all the things that we are doing to our children. I noticed that they are really closed. It shows that Z boy loves her sister dearly. There was never a moment that he displayed jealousy toward her sister. In fact, Z boy is a great help to me in taking care of her sister. In his early age I can now depend on him to watch her sister when I am going to take a shower or use the toilet for a while..

Last night was superb cause while I was taking a shower, I can hear him singing my one and only piece in putting them to sleep. Guess what song?it's no other than the song
"Amazing Grace". This song is so powerful not only because of the lyrics. How powerful? Every time I sing this song to them they surely go to sleep. Even if I am singing the song for Zane girl to sleep and if Z boy is around he will complain, "please Mom May do not sing that song because I am going to sleep too."

Going back to the topic, while he was singing I peep from the door and saw him gently patting Zane while following the beat of his song. By the time I finished my shower, wow! Zane girl dozed off already. I then proclaimed to him that he is now a certified "kuya" big brother. He then gave me a sweet smile. He was indeed proud to be a certified "kuya" big brother.


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