Monday, January 17, 2011

Can I Go to School?

Posted by Laureen at Monday, January 17, 2011
My son Zboy is now in Kinder 2 and everyday he goes to school. My little girl who is now 2 years old is always wondering why she can't go to school like his brother. Every time his brother wears his uniform, she will immediately get her bag and ask me if she can go to school too. I told her she can't go to school yet because she's still a baby. Because I said no, she will cry. That is why I bring her to school once in a while during our activity day.When she's in school, she really feels she's a student. She greets the teachers, sits properly and listens attentively. She looks so cute while acting like a little student.

If you ask me if I will send her to school next year... not yet! She's still so young and I wanted her to enjoy being a child yet. When she's already 4 years old, that's the time I will enroll her to a pre-school class.


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