Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthday Treat at School

Posted by Laureen at Saturday, November 21, 2009
My son, Z also celebrated his birthday in school. He didn't have a birthday party but we just prepared snacks, loot bags and give aways on that day. Our school doesn't allow birthday parties during classes anymore.

Before we allowed parties at School but there are other parents who could not afford to have such. So, it would be unfair and a sad experience for those children since they cannot avoid comparing themselves with others. There were even instances that the teachers were the ones who spent for children who couldn't afford to have parties. There were also times that the school didn't have time for classes anymore for there were weeks that the pupils celebrated their birthdays on successive days. So that's the reason we don't allow parties anymore, we just snacks and goodies during break time.

Anyways, Z boy was so happy on that day that he exclaimed, "Mom May,Daddy,This is the best birthday ever!!!..." When we asked why, he said, "Because I had 2 celebrations"

But Wait....the celebration actually did not end in the school. Z boy's Granny also gave a treat to Z boy's teachers who also happens to be my 2nd degree cousins.Lol!

Z boy blowing his candle

Z boy has to choose 5 of his fave classmates to greet him in front.He got 5 hugs from Carl.

5 high fives from Jhon.

5 kisses from her crushes Faith and Grace the twins.

Z with me and little sis Zane.

Z with Granny

Z with teacher Jun and teacher Che.

They have a blast playing with their sponge bob balloons.

From the left is teacher Che,Teacher Jun,Ate Aisa (Teacher Jun's girl friend)and Granny.


Denise on November 23, 2009 at 7:02 PM said...

Really awesome.

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