Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WFW: Proverbs 15:18

Posted by Laureen at Wednesday, April 06, 2011
A hot-tempered person starts fights; a cool-tempered person stops them.
~Proverbs 15:18

This is great verse which reminds us to take control of our emotions and be patient in all things. May you all have a Word-filled Wednesday and a blessed week ahead!


Pat on April 6, 2011 at 8:36 PM said...

Love your post and I love your picture. We should go to our Father as a child. Great post.

Theresa Miller on April 7, 2011 at 12:15 AM said...

Oh, she is adorable! Thanks for the Word today.

Stefanie Brown on April 7, 2011 at 1:23 AM said...

Too cute!!! I appreciate the reminder.

lori on April 7, 2011 at 4:07 AM said...

HAAAAA! YES indeed! Especially with our kiddos who tend to sometimes bring out the "worst" in us....controlling the tongue and temper...SOOOO cute she is!!


Alida on April 7, 2011 at 8:26 AM said...

What a sweet photo... we have so many emotions in us and the face of a child sure displays them beautifully!

Happy WFW!!

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