Monday, December 21, 2009

The Guitar and 2 Bicycles

Posted by Laureen at Monday, December 21, 2009
From the left is Ninong Tonypet,her wife ate boggie,that's Z holding his new guitar and Lil sis Zane.

Z boy had a piggy bank.He was saving up to buy himself a bicycle.When the piggy bank became full and it was time to open it, the amount only totaled P1,200 but a new bicycle would cost up to P2,000 plus.

So, I suggested to buy a small guitar for him instead since he was also interested to learn how to play the guitar. And he agreed. I'm glad that he was also happy with my suggestion.

Thus ,we asked his Ninong Tonypet to buy the small guitar for Z because he is one person who knows how to choose the best guitar since he is also the best guitar player in CDO. LOL! Z boy actually wants to be play like his Ninong Tonypet and that's why right now he is also taking guitar lessons from him. Hopefully he will also be the next best guitar player in the world. LOL! This is to glorify God of course.

I'm just so glad that as early as 5 y.o Z boy has already started to have that interest in learning how to play the guitar and I know that eventually this talent will be used to serve God.

Anyways, what was more amazing was that God also met my boy's desire to have a bike. We saw a two 2nd hand bicycles for only P900! Thus, my HUbby bought for him. Though they were only secondhand bikes but still in good condition and still looks nice. So, that's the story behind my boy's guitar and 2 bicycle that started from his piggy bank savings. :)


His Unfailing Love on December 22, 2009 at 10:21 PM said...

wow, ka cute ng guitar, cute din si Z boy while playing, he will really learn faster because he has the love of it. Em2 knew only when we came back last Nov. now he's playing in the church. Basta may hilig madali lang yan.
Blessings to Z boy...

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