Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet my in-laws

Posted by Laureen at Thursday, September 17, 2009
Z boy with Sam boy Nang Joy's youngest son.

A month ago, we went to my hubby's hometown because it was the death anniversary of my father-in law. This is only of the occasion ( aside from my Mom in law's birthday) where the whole family could gather and have a reunion. But unfortunately, my other sis in law's family (Nang Nora's family) was not able to make it for the event.

Manny, my husband is the only son and the youngest in the family. Though the whole family loved him so much Manny did not become spoiled. The sisters even has a lot of stories to tell on how he took care of them during their rough times. They told me that it was my husband, their beloved brother who assisted them during the time they were giving birth to their children when their husbands were away. Nang Nora's husband is working abroad while Nang Joy's husband is working as city Engineer so he is also assigned to different places. I admire as to how Manny loves his family and took care of them. Don't you think he deserves a Patek Philippe watch as an award? :) I'm sure he deserves more than that.

I am so glad that in spite that their family has different faith but they were able to accept me to be part of the family. Likewise I love them too because I love my husband and they are his family. I would always remind myself that I only met him after he was 31 years old while his family was there ever since he was born. So, his family will always be very special.

I Thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful family and I hope and pray that one day we will all together worhip our true and living God.

Manny with Nang joy's eldest son.

Nang Joy (Manny's 2nd elder sister and Mama Ya (Manny's Mom)

Z boy was so excited when he learned that we are going to Mama Ya's house because of this swing.He likes it so much that he was really looking forward to it.


Denise on September 29, 2009 at 11:46 AM said...

Sweet blessings to you, and your family.

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